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Reflecting on our Art learning...

Landscape and portrait...

"Portrait is tall"

(stretch one hand above your head and one towards the ground)

"Landscape is wide"

(stretch your hands out from your body as wide as you can)

Do you remember these hand actions?

Let's revisit landscape and portrait with Miss Alanna!

So we have learnt.....Landscape is wide....

Portrait is tall...

How many landscape pictures can you count?

How many portrait pictures can you count?

You could orientate your paper to reflect what you would like to paint or draw.

Bring your art to Kindergarten to show us please!

QAGOMA’s Children’s Art Centre works with artists to create exciting activities, books and programs just for young children.

They invite you in the link below to explore art and artists from Australia and around the world. Play fun games, watch cool videos and get creative with make-at-home activities.



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