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Mermaid Waters Community Kindergarten is committed on many levels to provide an environment for the children and their families that encourages a sustainable future.

Our playground is raw, natural and integrated with the gardenscapes - a natural playing environment for the children. Children are encouraged to connect with and respect their natural surroundings.

Mermaid Waters Community Kindergarten has planned incursions that are educational and provide the children with a better understanding and core knowledge of sustainable practices e.g. Natura – wipe out waste/worm farms/litter free lunch boxes and Bee Keeping - honey and native bees.

The Kindergarten has solar panels, a spear pump and a water tank. Composting and worm farms significantly reduce our waste footprint.

Through interactive learning and awareness we are creating a culture of sustainability that will not only benefit the children as they grow, but benefit our environment now and into the future.

Kitchen Garden

Our ‘Herb and Veggie Garden’ and ‘Fruit Salad Patch’ offer rich opportunities to create powerful learning spaces where children learn and grow through practical, real life experiences.

We believe in what Rebecca Naylor - Chief Executive Officer of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation - states as “Pleasurable food education”. The children learn the joy of digging in the garden, picking fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, smelling and tasting the food they prepare, and sharing the dishes they have made with their peers and educators.

Check out Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation
for more information.

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