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"such a wonderful experience"

This year at Mermaid Waters Community Kindergarten has been such a wonderful experience for Tariq. Your love and care for him and the other children has been something we will cherish always. You are such special teachers and we are so blessed to have had this year with you.


I have watched Tariq grow so much. He has matured and learnt so many life skills; having respect for others, listening and caring for each other and his belongings and this is due to your exceptional teaching skills and gentle natures.

Bec, Gem, Tariq and Amir

"thank you all for the love and teaching"

Michele, Jodie and Clare, I wanted to thank you all for the love and teaching you have given my girls, Mia and Emma. You have touched our lives in such a way it is indescribable.


I remember when Marilyn found out that Emma had a spot at Mermaid Waters Community Kindergarten, she jumped for joy and danced a little jig. That sums up how we feel about you and thank you for everything!

Louise, Blair, Emma and Mia

"You have given her the opportunity to grow and develop new skills"

Another year has passed and we feel sad to say goodbye again. We are forever grateful for the wonderful teachers at Mermaid Waters Community Kindergarten. Jessica will miss you all dearly.


You have given her the opportunity to grow and develop new skills - thank you! It never goes unnoticed that there is always a calm approach and environment at the Kindergarten. That is a credit to you all.

As parents, thank you for the great experiences we shared with our little girl and thank you also for the lovely portfolio filled with so many memories for Jessica (and us). It will be treasured.

Peta and Martin

"This Kindy is about listening, conversing and understanding community"

Congratulations on your 40 years!!! An amazing feat and on behalf of Lady Gowrie I am so glad to be here to see this happen!!

Lady Gowrie opened our first centre over 76 years ago. We have grown steadily in the last five years and are very happy to welcome this wonderful Kindy into our family.


The success of your 40 years is about children, families and the community along with dedicated staff who love this Kindy as a 2nd home and the committees that have taken on the responsibilities of the business over the years.

This Kindy is about listening, conversing and understanding community. The teachers working with parents and carers instill confidence into the children and creativity, imagination and flexibility so they can continue their journey with genuine support, knowing who they are and where they belong.

So congratulations! Let’s drink our tea and eat our cake to another vibrant and successful 40 years!


Jane Bourne CEO Lady Gowrie

"a beautiful little world"

I don’t even know how to thank you for everything you’ve done for our family…What a beautiful little world you have made for our children.


Ashton Family

"far beyond what we ever expected"

What a year! … A kindy experience far beyond what we ever expected and we are so thankful to have had the opportunity.


We’ve been reminded of the importance of the little things. I honestly believe that this year altered the course of our lives a little bit.


Marshall Family

"sustainable food gardens, litter-free lunchboxes and a rich play based curriculum" 

We were thrilled to partner with Mermaid Waters Community Kindergarten to launch Life Education Queensland's new early learning nutrition program.  

As a kindy that embraces sustainable food gardens, litter-free lunchboxes and a rich play-based curriculum, Michele and her staff are so supportive of the Life Education program and our mission: to empower children to make safer and healthier choices throughout education and live to their full potential.  

Thanks to the kindy and parents for helping provide all the elements for a very successful media launch of our pre-school nutrition program, and to the delightful children who embraced Healthy Harold and the healthy eating message with such enthusiasm.

Tracey Challenor - Life Education Queensland

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