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(Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

STEM is an approach to teaching that has worldwide support. The goal is to empower young learners to function happily and successfully in future workplaces and communities that are changing rapidly, largely because of the pace of technological advancements. STEM is about learning how to use knowledge and processes to design and evaluate possible solutions.

VIDEO: See STEM in action at our kindergarten

STEM Video

STEM Video

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How is STEM relevant to our kindergarten children?

STEM work station

So many of our educational experiences are already teaching STEM.


For example:

  • creating a roadway with blocks or other materials

  • building a waterway in the sand or mudpit

  • constructing a model from boxes, lego, natural play materials

  • following instructions when cooking

  • participating in recycling programs

  • managing change and challenges in our interpersonal relationships

  • following the rules to learn/play a card/board game

  • representing things we observe, through a variety of visual arts mediums

Our  curriculum intentionally refines the language we use, so that your child will develop a receptiveness for STEM - Science Technology Engineering Maths.

We participated in the Little Scientists Early STEM Award in 2018. Our project was an action research journey about how we embed STEM experiences and intentional STEM language into our Kindergarten.

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