Our Staff

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I became part of the Kindergarten’s Community in January 2004 and it is a privilege to be a part of such a remarkable Community Kindergarten. I first started working with children over 30 years ago and believe I have been extremely fortunate to be involved in a career that I am so very proud of. As a parent myself I am deeply aware that what is truly important in our lives is happy, caring and healthy families.

Our goal is for our Kindergarten to become YOUR Kindergarten and so we create a calm, caring and healthy environment for all our families to be a part of. We have an incredible team of educators with years of knowledge and dedication to early childhood education. We are a team committed to supporting and being involved with the people that make up our community. We look forward to welcoming you into our Kindergarten’s Family.

~ Michele

This is a beautiful kindergarten community and I have loved being a part of it for many, many
years. Early Childhood Education is my passion and it is a wonderful feeling to love what you do each and every day.

~ Jodie

Michele Hoskins

Co-Director / Educator
Nominated Supervisor
Educational Leader​

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

Works: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Jodie Clark

Co-Director / Educator
Nominated Supervisor
Educational Leader

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

Works: Monday, Tuesday and


Mermaid Waters Community Kindergarten has been a part of my life since 1984 – my home away from home, where the staff have become my dear friends, and an extension of my own family. Families have come and gone and I feel privileged to be a small part of their journey towards school - my own children; nieces; nephews and friends’ children; children of past kindergarten children and; grandchildren of past staff have all attended over the years. All this adds up to a place where I love to work and share my life and love of art and gardening. I have enjoyed all of the families and children who have walked through our doors.

~ Alanna



Cert II (Childcare)

Works: Thursday, Friday and alternate Wednesdays

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I have been involved in Early Childhood Education for over 15 years and love being a part of the team at Mermaid Waters Community Kindergarten where my own daughter attended many years ago. I continue to be energised by learning, both for me and the children and families that form our community.

I love identifying creative ways to engage with the children and the challenges that present themselves. I'm totally committed and excited to see every child reach their full potential, especially those with additional needs. A sense of humour is vital and the smiles and laughs from the children are so rewarding. This Kindergarten allows every child and team member to flourish.

~ Kaye

Kaye Fox


Associate Diploma of Early Childhood

Works: Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays

I have been a part of the Mermaid Waters Community Kindergarten since 1995, beginning as a parent and then fortunate to become a staff member. It is an absolute privilege to be involved and supported by our whole team.


I work part time across both groups with my passion lying in cooking with the children. Imparting my knowledge of healthy eating utilising our very own Kitchen Garden.

~ Clare

Clare Georgopoulos


Cert III (Early Childhood)

Works: Monday to Friday

I commenced here at the Kindergarten in January 2004 in the Office Administration role. The Kindergarten is the best office environment to work in.


This is a beautiful Kindergarten setting with dedicated early childhood educators. I love seeing the children’s smiling faces each kindergarten day. I am at the centre Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.

~ Julie

Julie Schumacher

Administration Officer

Justice of Peace

Works: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday