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Welcome to our "Kindy at Home" BLOG

During lockdown, we will connect with you here with ideas to inspire exploration, start conversations, create invitations to play, establish links and cycles of learning and plant provocations.

However, above all, we will be seeking to help our Kindergarten community to remain connected.

Why online?

We are hoping to assist our families in facilitating child-centered play that supports child's interests and development.

Our goal is for children to continue to feel a sense of belonging and connectedness to their teachers, their friends and their kindergarten.

We will provide opportunities for families to ask questions, seek guidance/feel connected and to offer our families support in these challenging times. We ask that these questions etc. be addressed through emails to your child's teacher.

Our aim is to also help our children to make positive transitions back to their Kindergarten!

When we will once again play and learn in our beautiful garden.... visit and explore Crocker Park together....

We will be in touch each day !

Please connect with us through the Kindergarten email and we will be in touch via email and this BLOG.

Until then,

Clare, Jodie, Julie, Alanna, Michele and Kaye.



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