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Looking for treasure or scavenger hunts are great fun!

We have mailed you a Backyard Scavenger Hunt which you can use to find treasures at home.


You can also draw a map that shows the places you will walk to find the treasure...

Some ideas to include on your Map are:

- Your House

- A tree

- The grass

- A letterbox

The Hunt

Don't forget to make up the basket we included in the mail out for you to use in the hunt.

Here is a photo of the basket.

It definitely needs some brightening up!

-Add some coloured pen

-Glue on some collage

-Tie on a ribbon

-Add paint

-Use stickers

Treasure Tray Game

During the 'Treasure Tray Game' the children need to observe and recall a number of 'treasures' that have been placed on a tray.

You can create your own 'Treasure Trays' at home using everyday items.

You can extend this activity by asking your child to recall attributes of the items such as....





This activity supports children's learning in regard to:

-the use of observation and methods to assist memory

-vocabulary learning through the use of descriptive language- words and phrases

Enjoy your treasure!

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