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The Story of Syd and Sally

A Read Aloud Story about two favourite Kindergarten frog friends!

Sally and Syd loved to go to their Kindergarten in Mermaid Waters!

They felt excited when they arrived to start their day and loved unpacking their bag and putting all their belongings away.

It was great to see all their friends and teachers. They loved singing songs, reading stories, playing with friends and exploring the garden.

Syd and Sally helped to care for the plants at kindergarten.

They grew herbs and fruit and vegetables.

They played under the tall, swaying trees and ran so fast over the smooth, green grass.

They collected sticks and leaves and investigated the different creatures that lived in the garden.....worms, bees, spiders, butterflies, lizards, grasshoppers, snails and ants, just to name a few!

They learnt how important it is to care for the natural environment by


"WOW, what a wonderful world to play in," thought Syd and Sally.

Sometimes Syd forgot how to care for our planet and used PLASTIC!!

But Sally kindly helped and reminded him to use containers for his Morning Tea!

There was a time when Syd put the RECYCLING RUBBISH in the WRONG BIN!

"OH NO!" Sally called out

"Syd, the RED BIN is for RUBBISH that we can't RECYCLE. Cardboard boxes can be reused so they go in the YELLOW BIN! " Sally said in a very loud voice.

Sally certainly wasn't shy when it came to letting Syd know all about sustainabilty!

Sally put the boxes in the YELLOW RECYCLING BIN for Syd.

"That's better, we don't want our earth filled with RUBBISH," she explained.

Sally was so excited about sustainability, she taught her new friend

CHRISTOPHER BEAR, all about taking care of our world.

Syd had to listen too!

Even Julie, Kaye Kaye and Clare listened and learn't more and more about sustainability and recycling!

Sally was a great teacher.

She was always thinking about how to care for our world....

And she NEVER, EVER forgot to turn the lights out!


That is the story of how Sally and Syd got their names....



I hope you enjoyed the story.

What to Do at Home:

You could draw a picture of the Rubbish Bins, like Christopher Bear or

You could teach your family and your toys all about Sustainability, just like Sally or

You could think of your own story!

We would love to see your ideas.

Have Fun!