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Tadpoles to Frogs!

While we have been at home our tadpoles have been changing into frogs.

Kaye Kaye is keeping them at her house near Stanley the Frog and has been taking very good care of them.

There were 4 tadpoles and now we have 4 frogs.

Look at the photos.....

Can you spot the differences as they change from tadpoles into Green Tree Frogs?

Look closely.....

It is called metamorphosis when a tadpole changes to a frog.

Can you remember what we fed the tadpoles at Kindergarten?

This is a photo of the food they love to eat now the tadploes are frogs!

Yes.....they are enjoying CRICKETS to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

In some of the photos the frog skin looks dark, but it is changing into a light green colour.

Can you spot the little frog?

Here is a link to one of our favourite kindergarten songs.

5 Little Speckled Frogs

You will know the words and the hand actions, so sing along and teach your family too.

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