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Start the conversation about Coronavirus with your children!

The provision of accurate and timely information is especially important as we work together in response to the quickly evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

Please keep connected to us here at Kindergarten. We are here to support you and your children!

How to start the conversation about Coronavirus with young children...

Here is a link to do just that - a 1.2 minute video (source from the Queensland Education Department).


some information and tips to support families as they communicate information with their young children.

The following tips are from a Telethon Kids Institute article.

Six tips for discussing COVID-19 with children...

1. Be honest but age-appropriate. Don’t pretend it is not happening. Keep information simple for young children and more detailed for older children. 

2. Keep children calm. Find out what they know and correct any misinformation they may have heard. Remind them that while they might catch the virus, it is unlikely to make them very sick, and most people will recover fully.

3. Remain calm. Get your information from trusted sources and treat information from social media with caution. Seek advice and do not involve children in problems they cannot solve.

4. Encourage positive action. Empower children to help stop the spread by teaching them handwashing skills and cough/sneeze etiquette; and reminding them to eat healthily, exercise daily and sleep well. Teach older children media literacy so they can find reputable sources of information.

5. Scaffold their disappointment. Talk honestly about events they were looking forward to.  Look at it as an opportunity to build resilience and teach children that life can be disappointing sometimes but we can help each other through it. Explain that good times will come again.

6. Be on alert for highly anxious or unusual behaviour. Children may display this by, for example, having trouble sleeping, losing their appetite or over-eating, clingy behaviour, sore tummy or other physical symptoms, difficulty concentrating, irritability, or social withdrawal. If you have any concerns about changes in a child’s behaviour, set up a time to speak with their parents or family.

Points to remember 

  • Children look to adults as a guide on how to react in stressful situations.

  • Stay calm, positive and hopeful when talking with children about coronavirus

  • Keep information clear, honest and age-appropriate.

  • Limit media exposure about coronavirus.

  • Give children practical things to do such as keeping good hand hygiene to help them feel in control.

  • Make sure children stay physically active.

  • If a child is feeling overwhelmed or stressed speak to their parents or family and suggest they make a time to see their GP.

  • Try to make time to answer children’s questions and keep communication channels open. 

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