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Let's go on a bear hunt!

Let's go on a bear hunt may spot bears around your neighbourhood and in the Kindergarten windows if you are driving or riding past with your family!

Please send photos and stories of your 'Bear Adventures' to our email and we will print them for your portfolio.

Miss Alanna found this 'Teddy Window' in her neighbourhood...

You may like to watch the video of the book...

Come on a Bear Hunt with us at home!

(video below)

The Kindergarten teddy is looking for you!😊

You could go on your own Bear Hunt! Who are you going to go with? Mummy, daddy, your brother or sister?

Can you recall... What came first in the story ? In the video?

Where you went first on your bear hunt?

Perhaps one of your family could be hiding with a bear to chase you home to bed!

Remember to send us photos:

* Of your favourite part in the story.

*Your favourite bear

*Bears you may spot in your neighbourhood

*Or a teddy bears' picnic...

Remember we will print them for your portfolio.

Tell us who went on the Hunt with you.

How many people from your family?

How did you feel on the Hunt?

Do you have this story at home ?

Do you know the song?

We'd love to hear from you!

This is Michele's favourite bear ....

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