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Lest We Forget... Anzac Day

Saturday 25th of April is the day Australians can remember and say thank you.

We are able to live in a beautiful and safe country and thanks and remembrance must be given to the brave men and women who make this possible.

Join me for a minute of silence to remember and say thank you.... yes we can do this together!

The bugle you will hear in the video is the Last Post - one of a number of bugle calls in military tradition that mark the phases of the day. While Reveille signals the start of a soldier's day (just like when we ring the bell to start our day at Kindergarten); the Last Post signals the day's end (just like when we say goodbye at Kindergarten). Australians listen quietly and respectively together at ANZAC Day Ceremonies to the bugle and to verses read.

You will see I'm wearing my father's medals on the right side of my chest to represent my dad's service in the Air Force. Medals are only worn on the left by the person who was awarded the medals for their service.

...Like my son Luke here in this photo.

Let's practice now!

Please get ready to stand quietly for one minute...

I'll be doing this in my driveway early on Saturday with my neighbours...

You may hear these words spoken...

Did you know families would send delicious biscuits to their loved ones to enjoy? They are called ANZAC biscuits.

Here is the recipe if you'd like to make them at home.

It's Clare's famous recipe!😊

ANZAC biscuit recipe..


Here is a lovely story about the ANZAC biscuits.

Soldiers would sometimes have to sleep outside and eat from ration packs.

Would you like to make your own shelter at home? It could be in your garden like mine or somewhere inside.

The last post - a you tube clip

A beautiful version of "I am, we are Australian" on you tube

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