• Mermaid Kindergarten

Crazy faces

Did you know potatoes have eyes? Look closely in the photo below and you will find them!

The part we know as the potato grows underground. It's called a tuber, and it grows from the end of underground stems below the roots of the plant. Each tuber or potato has several buds. These are the small sprouts we call potatoeyes."

If you plant potatoes with eyes, more potatoes will grow!

Watch the video to see Miss Alanna planting the potatoes with "eyes". We hope they will be growing by the time you are back at Kindergarten.

What about creating your own crazy faces?

All you need is:

  • collection of old magazines

  • glue

  • scissors

  • paper

  • textas/pencils/crayons

Look at our crazy faces!!

Please keep your crazy faces to bring and show us at Kindergarten!

We will check our planted potatoes once you are back at Kindergarten !